Shawn Datchuk, MEd, PhD


Shawn Datchuk is the director of the Iowa Reading Research Center and a faculty member in the University of Iowa College of Education. Under his direction, Shawn aims to ensure that the IRRC’s efforts: (a) make it easier for teachers to teach reading and (b) make it easier for students to learn how to read and use reading to learn. He works with IRRC staff and college faculty to achieve these aims by conducting research, providing technical assistance to schools, and translating research findings for teachers and caregivers. As a former K-12 special education teacher, elementary teacher, director of special education, and academic performance director, he believes all students should have access to high-quality literacy instruction. He received his Master of Education and Doctor of Philosophy in special education from Pennsylvania State University. Outside of his work at the center, you can find him spending time with his family at a local park, pool, or museum.

Headshot of Shawn Datchuk, IRRC director
MEd and PhD, special education, Pennsylvania State University