July 2024 - Updates on our forthcoming handwriting tool "LIFTER," the application deadline for the Dyslexia Specialist Endorsement program, and more!

June 2024 - Learn about new scholarships, grants, and volunteer opportunities!

June 2024 (Special Edition) - Read a Q & A with new IRRC Director Shawn Datchuk.

May 2024 - Read about our free, one-day academy for literacy leaders, upcoming IRRC project, new blog posts, and more!

April 2024 - Updates about the summit, the latest from the Iowa Statehouse, and new blog posts. 

March 2024 - Read about upcoming professional development opportunities, our new podcast, nature-themed writing prompts, staff updates, and more!

February 2024 - Learn about our second keynote speaker, IRRC's advocacy at the Iowa Capitol, and check out our Summit Pitch Worksheet.

January 2024 - A summary of our plans for the new year, including summit announcements and FAQs.

December 2023 - Read about the 2024 Iowa SOR Summit keynote speaker, open positions at the IRRC, the launch of a new podcast series, and more!

November 2023 - Read about the Dyslexia Specialist Endorsement, dyslexia workshops for teachers, our next Iowa SOR Summit, new blog posts, our new Instagram page, and more! 

October 2023 - Read about the upcoming DDIA conference, book recommendations for Dyslexia Awareness Month, upcoming eLearning modules, and more.

September 2023 - Announcing our new structured literacy eLearning module, a new dyslexia workshop track, and the return of AT consultation appointments.

August 2023 - Update on our projects, including a review of the Iowa Science of Reading Summit and announcements for the new Instructional Recommendations Tool and the new Caregivers Resource Hub.

July 2023 - A review of summer projects including the launch of the new website, A Novel Idea, and the Iowa Science of Reading Summit.

June 2023 - Find out about new IRRC resources, including our new science of reading podcast, upcoming family resource portal, and more.

May 2023 - Read about the Iowa Science of Reading SummitDyslexia Specialist Endorsement scholarships, and more.

April 2023 - Announcing our Iowa Science of Reading Summit July 20–21, a new series of Q&A blog posts, information about the Grand View University Dyslexia Specialist Endorsement program, and a new staff introduction.

February 2023 - An overview of IRRC work for 2023, information about our director search, a deadline extension for Dyslexia Specialist Endorsement program applicants, a recap from the IRRC's visit to the State Capitol, and staff introductions and updates.

December 2022 - Updates on projects we are working on related to information about the science of reading, information about a recent upgrade of our eLearning site, and a reminder about the Feb. 1 deadline for Dyslexia Specialist Endorsement program applicants.

November 2022 - Efforts to make the Dyslexia Specialist Endorsement even more advantageous and available for educators, highlighting new content about students with dyslexia on our website, announcement of our new assistant director, and introductions of new staff.

October 2022 - Reviewing the Dyslexia Specialist Endorsement program as year 2 begins, the Decoding Dyslexia Iowa Conference happening soon, eLearning is now free for college students via instructors, and our fall writing prompts.

August 2022 - Two literacy teachers talk about how they are getting ready for back-to-school.

July 2022 - We highlight a few IRRC Literacy Resources to use at home with your children, plus new staff introductions.

May 2022 - Dr. Reed reflects on the end of an era at the IRRC.

April 2022 - Dr. Reed on why meeting the instructional needs of every student is so important and our related blog post series.

March 2022 - Dr. Reed and staff at the IRRC share how their experiences with reading from their childhood led them to today.

February 2022 - Dr. Reed looks at how contacting your local legislators can make a difference during the legislative session.

January 2022 - Dr. Reed looks back at the IRRC's work and impact in 2021.

December 2021 - Dr. Reed explains the important role the IRRC Advisory Council plays.

October 2021 - Dr. Reed provides details on IRRC involvement in dyslexia events and dyslexia-related services and introduces new staff.

September 2021 - Dr. Reed gives an overview of some reading and writing projects currently

August 2021 - Dr. Reed describes a new research project with the Council Bluffs Community School District and introduces a new staff member.

June 2021 - Discussion of the impact of summer literacy learning during an unprecedented year, and meet two new staff members. 

May 2021 - Release of the eLearning Teaching Students to Map Phonemes to Graphemes module and introducing new staff.

April 2021 - Details about the Dyslexia Specialist Endorsement program, and meet new IRRC staff.

March 2021 - Graduate and undergraduate student staff are key to fulfilling our mission.

February 2021 - Details of a new study comparing approaches to scoring student writing and how to support literacy education during the legislative session.

January 2021 - A look back at the IRRC's previous year of work and a look ahead to the new year.

December 2020 - Launch of a second eLearning module on dyslexia, new pages on the website dedicated to dyslexia information, and introductions of new staff.

November 2020 - New virtual option for assistive technology consultation appointments, encouraging graduate students to work at the IRRC, and introductions of new staff.

October 2020 - Launch of the first eLearning module for secondary educators and introductions of new student staff.

September 2020 - A resumption of in-person assistive technology consultation appointments for families and a website refresh.

August 2020 - Information on plans to support educators and caregivers with blog content and adaptations to research for remote use.

July 2020 - An explanation of the new dyslexia legislation signed into law in Iowa.

June 2020 - Continuing literacy learning during summer and professional learning for teachers via IRRC eLearning.

May 2020 - Updates on our work for families and educators during the closure of schools.

April 2020 - Details on the new IRRC resources to support home literacy learning.

March 2020 - A look at the next IRRC eLearning module launching soon, and introductions of new student staff.

February 2020 - Information about communicating with legislators about literacy education and research, and introduction of a new staff member.

January 2020 - A look back and a look ahead at the IRRC's work.

November 2019 - Learn about our fourth IRRC eLearning module launching soon, and meet new staff.

October 2019 - Announcement of our new one-on-one assistive technology consultation service, an introduction to our Student Assistive Technology Coordinators, and discussion of Dyslexia Awareness Month.

September 2019 - A third IRRC eLearning module, Effective Literacy Instruction, launches, a new staff introduction, and details of a new study taking place in juvenile justice schools.

July 2019 - A study this fall of new literacy curricula in the Marshalltown Community School District and its impact on students' writing skills, and introduction of new staff.

June 2019 - Looking beyond the notions of summer learning loss when researching summer reading.

May 2019 - Ongoing collaborations with Area Education Agencies and school districts on middle school literacy and new staff introductions.

April 2019 - Launch of the IRRC eLearning Dyslexia Overview module and introduction of new staff.

March 2019 - A discussion of writing additions to the Blueprint milestones and introduction of new student staff.

February 2019 - A look at the Iowa Early Literacy Survey results and a recap of the IRRC Legislative Reception.

January 2019 - A preview of the Jan. 24, 2019 IRRC Legislative Reception, a look back at the IRRC's most popular web resources from the past year, and an introduction of new student staff.

December 2018 - A look at IRRC involvement with colleges and universities.

November 2018 - Information about an IRRC survey for elementary schools and an introduction of new staff.

October 2018 - Details about a new AEA partnership and an introduction of new staff.

August 2018 - An overview of the new Early Literacy Blueprint Initiative.

July 2018 - Information on the IRRC's involvement in a new literacy initiative in Kansas.

June 2018 - Updates on transitions in the Iowa Reading Research Center Advisory Council and among IRRC staff.

May 2018 - Appreciation for teachers as partners in research and for the inspiration they provide, ahead of Teacher Appreciation Week (May 7-11).

April 2018 - An overview of IRRC created literacy resources and information about how libraries are sources of more literacy learning. 

March 2018 - Details on a new IRRC study and introductions of new student staff members.

February 2018 - A recap of our Legislative Reception and other happenings at the Capitol.

January 2018 - Preview of our 2018 Legislative Reception and a recap of our Effective Literacy Strategy Instruction Training-of-Trainers event.

December 2017 - Interns focused on special education and literacy at the IRRC and we welcome a new staff member.

November 2017 - Information about an expansion of the PROPeL literacy initiative and information about National Novel Writing Month Young Writers Program.

October 2017 - An update on IRRC literacy professional development efforts.

September 2017 - An update on the IRRC's work with the Council Bluffs Community School District Summer Learning Program and a recap of other work this summer, and an introduction of new IRRC staff.

August 2017 - New literacy professional development to be delivered to the field via training-of-trainers, IRRC Advisory Council update, IRRC student staff.

July 2017 - Summer reading blog posts, update on the IRRC's work with the Ames Community School District, and #FridayReads Recommendations videos.

June 2017 - Recap of the inaugural PROPeL initiative conference, improvements to our blog, and update on IRRC's work with the Sioux City Community School District.

May 2017 - Information about a new set of translated blog posts and bookmarks for non-English speaking families.

April 2017 - A look at the IRRC's work with colleges and universities, featuring dyslexia training and an assessment data system.

March 2017 - Overview of IRRC website redesign, description and examples of types of IRRC blog posts, IRRC resources on the website.

February 2017 - Recap of IRRC Legislative Reception at the capitol and participation of IRRC staff in Iowa House and Senate Education Committee meetings.

January 2017 - Legislative Reception preview, announcement of PROPeL partners, new website preview and new Literacy Consultant Jen Knight

December 2016 - Intensive Summer Reading Program results

November 2016 - Forthcoming IRRC professional development and American Education Week recognition

October 2016 - "Practitioners and Researchers Overcoming Problems of Literacy” (PROPeL) program for alternative schools and juvenile justice facilities

September 2016 - IRRC Advisory Council update; Universal Screening dos and don’ts; and library card sign up month

August 2016 - Conclusion of Intensive Summer Reading Program; online dyslexia training for students in teacher preparation programs; introducing new communications specialist

July 2016 - Intensive Summer Reading Program visits; white paper on handwriting instruction; online literacy resource facilitation guides; and IRRC in the UI Mobile Museum

June 2016 - Intensive Summer Reading Program collaborators; IRRC and UI Mobile Museum and book giveaway

May 2016 - Intensive Summer Reading Program professional development; guest blogs; and National Teacher Appreciation Day

April 2016 - Intensive Summer Reading Program details and National Poetry Month

March 2016 - Website redesign and new content and National March into Literacy Month