Wednesday, August 23, 2023

The Iowa Reading Research Center is proud to release the Instructional Recommendations Tool: Responding to FastBridge Data. Built in cooperation with the Iowa Department of Education, this is a new, web-based reference tool for K-6 teachers that addresses the challenge of making instructional decisions based on students’ FastBridge scores. With associated eLearning content, the new tool provides guidance on how to interpret students’ earlyReading and CBMreading scores and offers recommendations for instruction.

With the new tool, teachers can enter screening data about a K-6 student, and the tool will generate guidance on instructional priorities for that student. The tool identifies additional assessments teachers should administer for students who score below benchmark on specific subtests. In addition, the tool lists external resources–such as text guides, activities for students, rubrics, and more–that can further support students.

Before using the Instructional Recommendations Tool, the IRRC strongly advises teachers to complete the free, self-paced eLearning module associated with the tool. This learning opportunity equips teachers with knowledge that is integral to using the tool, such as:

  • the definitions of key terms related to screening
  • the purpose of screening
  • the relationship between screening and progress monitoring
  • how teachers can use common screener reports
  • how teachers can use IRRC tools to inform their instructional decisions

The FastBridge eLearning module and the Instructional Recommendations Tool are great places to start for general recommendations and linked resources that aid in the process of instructional decision-making. While the guidance provided by the tool is not intended to be comprehensive, it can serve as a valuable basis for team conversations within your school district. The IRRC hopes that teachers can use this tool as a powerful foundation for navigating and utilizing FastBridge data, to the ultimate benefit of their students.