Literacy Explainer

This module covers practices identified in research that support the learning of all students. Participants will learn about the components of systematic and explicit instruction (e.g., using clear and concise language and sequencing skills) and how implementing the components can maximize the benefit of literacy instruction.

A review of reading and writing skills that are developed across grade levels is included.

Estimated Time to Complete the Module

1 hour, 10 minutes

Effective Literacy Instruction Module Sections

Section 1: Introduction to Effective Literacy Instruction

Section 2: Elements of an Effective Lesson (components 1-3)

Section 3: Elements of an Effective Lesson (components 4-5)

Grade Range

Kindergarten-Grade 5

Registration Cost

  • Free for: Iowa in-service K–12 teachers, AEA personnel, college and university faculty teaching reading and literacy courses and their students

  • $10 for: All others