Title Page for Interactive Reading eLearning module with black, yellow, and white graphics

The practice of Interactive Reading cultivates younger students’ literacy learning through a teacher read-aloud. In this module, participants will learn about oral language, including the importance of teaching and providing students opportunities to express their ideas through speaking. This module also covers the systematic progression of narrative development skills, how to apply the PEER (prompt, evaluate, expand, and repeat) sequence of questioning during an interactive reading session, and how to use a graphic organizer and Clue Cards to guide and scaffold an interactive reading session.

Estimated Time to Complete the Module

1 hour, 40 minutes

Interactive Reading Module Sections

Section 1: Introduction to Oral Language Skills

Section 2: Narrative Development Skills Instruction

Section 3: Instructional Routine for Interactive Reading

Section 4: Scaffolding an Interactive Reading Lesson

Grade Range

Pre-kindergarten through kindergarten

Registration Cost

  • Free for: Iowa in-service K–12 teachers, AEA personnel, college and university faculty teaching reading and literacy courses and their students

  • $20 for: All others