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When students struggle with the particular pre-reading and early reading literacy skills described and demonstrated in this module, it may be an indicator of dyslexia. The module explains the reading and writing skills associated with typical development, suggests ways to evaluate whether students can successfully use the skills, and provides indicators of when a student may need to be referred for further diagnostic assessments.

This module is intended for professional educators, especially those whose teaching involves early reading development as well as those providing reading intervention to older students. For a general overview of dyslexia intended for all audiences, please see our Dyslexia Overview module.

Estimated Time to Complete the Module

1 hour, 50 minutes

Understanding and Observing the Literacy Skills Associated With Dyslexia Module Sections:

Section 1: Recognizing Characteristics of Dyslexia in Pre-Reading Development

Section 2: Early Reading Development

Section 3: Pathways to Identification of Dyslexia

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Registration Cost

  • Free for: Iowa in-service K–12 teachers, AEA personnel, college and university faculty teaching reading and literacy courses and their students

  • $20 for: All others