Tuesday, May 7, 2024

With the release of our podcast Speaking of Literacy, we felt it was only right to share some other podcasts that are worth a listen. Podcasts can be a great way to learn new information because they are engaging and accessible. Our favorite podcasts break down high-level research and complex concepts in an approachable way. In these podcasts, the hosts present information alongside tips, interesting conversations, and real-life applications. 

Here is a collection of speech-language pathology (SLP) podcasts emphasizing literacy that we recommend. We find each podcast to have unique information relevant for SLPs, teachers, and caregivers. 

See, Hear, Speak 

In this podcast, Dr. Tiffany Hogan, a professor of communication sciences and disorders at the MGH Institute of Health Professions and director of the Speech and Language (SAiL) Literacy Lab, bridges the gap between research and real-world applications. Dr. Hogan guides listeners through engaging conversations about speech, language, and literacy with a wide variety of guests, including SLPs and researchers. 

We love See, Hear, Speak for its breadth and depth of knowledge related to language and literacy. Dr. Hogan currently has published over 50 episodes with unique perspectives. There is a lot to listen to! Some of our favorite episodes related to literacy are:

  • Episode 46: The Brain Basis of Dyslexia, ADHD and Dyslexia, and Summer Slump With Joanna Christodoulou
  • Episode 40: Language Basis of Reading, Dyslexia, and Reading Comprehension With Hugh Catts
  • Episode 27: Dyslexia With Ben Powers
  • Episode 33: Morphology and Morphological Awareness With Julie Wolter

The SLP Talk Show

This podcast is hosted by Cari Ebert, a pediatric SLP and parent of a son with autism and apraxia—a speech sound disorder. She provides a unique perspective as both a professional and a parent of a child with special needs. (She also is a University of Iowa alumna, so we love to learn about the impact she is making—go Hawks!) With this podcast, she aims for you to walk away feeling “rejuvenated, motivated, and excited to go to work tomorrow.” Cari brings her husband, Jim, on most episodes, and they talk about the challenges that children with disabilities and their families face in a more light-hearted way. 

This podcast could benefit anyone interested in relatable and candid conversations about the challenges parents face as their child develops language skills. Topics range from coping with transitions, the stress of decision-making as a parent, and tips to support children’s language development.

We love The SLP Talk Show for its engaging conversations and Cari’s vulnerability to share her own experiences as a parent. There are plenty of episodes to catch up on! Some of our favorite episodes related to literacy concepts are:

  • Episode 21: Partnering with Parents
  • Episode 38: Executive Function Skills
  • Episode 45: Parent Coaching in the Clinic Setting

The Speech Boutique Podcast

In this podcast, Chanel Blaylock, the owner and leading speech-language pathologist at The Speech Boutique should be known as the “new parent coach.” She has a background working with families and creating a parent teaching program, The Game Changer, which educates parents on how to get their child to communicate “effortlessly.” Within this podcast, she equips families with the skills, knowledge, and strategies they need to prepare their preschooler for kindergarten and beyond.

These shorter 10–15-minute episodes pack a punch! Chanel’s positive energy when sharing strategies is encouraging for new parents. If you are trying to fill a short gap in your schedule with quick tips for parents, then The Speech Boutique Podcast is worth a listen. Topics range from ways to support language development, action steps, and leveraging things you already do to enhance your child’s learning.

We love The Speech Boutique Podcast for the concise way it delivers advice on literacy and language development for your young child. It would not take long to listen to all of the episodes; however, some of our favorites that have a direct connection to literacy are: 

  • Storytime: How Does Reading Support Language Development?
  • Playtime!: Nurturing Your Child’s Creativity, Learning, and Well-Being

This Speech Life 

Caitlin Lopez cuts straight to the action in this podcast! Caitlin is a school-based SLP with ten years of experience with preschool and elementary students. She is most passionate about language therapy, creative service models, and partnering with families and educators to help students thrive. This Speech Life is a part of SpeechTherapyPD.com, which offers a 0.1 ASHA CEU (a continuing education credit for SLPs) with an additional accompanying audio course. 

Each episode features Catilin and a guest SLP showcasing their expertise in a concise manner perfect for busy listeners. Together, they highlight three things every SLP should know, two resources, and one actionable strategy. This Speech Life covers a wide array of topics for school-based SLPs and students studying speech-language pathology, such as goal writing, collaboration, and working with different populations. Conversations are always lively, upbeat, and fast-moving with Caitlin. 

We love This Speech Life for its direct format and emphasis on providing useful tools and information. Caitlin and her diverse set of guests are knowledgeable and dedicated to expanding conversations in the field. We also love the option to gain CEUs in this virtual format. Please note that requirements for CEU credit may depend on your workplace and may not be available for all SLPs. Some of our favorite episodes are: 

  • The One About Parent Engagement
  • The One About SLP’s Role in Literacy and Phonological Awareness
  • The One About Morphology

We could not possibly mention all of the wonderful SLP podcasts out there, but we hope this list provides a starting point to explore them for yourself! Let us know your favorites to listen to. Happy listening! 


Editor’s note: The inclusion of a podcast in this blog post does not imply endorsement of the thoughts and opinions expressed by hosts and/or guests appearing in any episode. The inclusion of a podcast also does not imply endorsement of any commercial products and/or services offered by hosts/guests/podcast sponsors.