Graphic for Small Group, Skills Based Instruction Module with black background and white and yellow lines

This module will explain how to implement small-group, skills-based instruction in the recommended 90-minute literacy block. Participants will learn how to use the literacy block to explicitly teach using differentiation to target the skills that each student needs to improve, variation of instructional format, and a systematic approach to developing foundational literacy skills. The module also covers rules and procedures for students to follow to ensure efficient use of instructional time.

Estimated Time to Complete the Module

2 hours, 20 minutes

Small-Group, Skills-Based Instruction Module Sections

Section 1: Key Elements of the Literacy Block

Section 2: Whole-Group and Small-Group Instruction

Section 3: Typical vs. Recommended Approach to Small-Group Instruction

Section 4: Preparing the Class for Small-Group Instruction

Section 5: Literacy Block Phase-In Planner

Section 6: Using Data to Determine Small Groups

Section 7: Creating the Instructional Plan

Grade Range

Kindergarten-Grade 5

Registration Cost

  • Free for: Iowa in-service K–12 teachers, AEA personnel, college and university faculty teaching reading and literacy courses and their students

  • $30 for: All others